What is laser dentistry?

Are you looking for a way to recontour your gums, or treat tongue tie without oral surgery? 

Laser Dentistry is changing the way patients receive dental care. Dr. Mohammad Izadi offers soft tissue laser procedures as part of his comprehensive orthodontic services. Laser dentistry uses state of the art laser technology to treat a range of oral health concerns, without sutures, downtimes or invasive surgery.

Laser dentistry is safe, effective, and can be used for children and adult patients. 
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Gum Contouring

The health and apperance of our gums are essential for a balanced, beautiful smile. Patients with gummy smiles may feel self-conscious of their smile, even after successful orthodontic treatment. Gummy smiles occur when a patient’s gumline rides too low on the surface of the tooth. Teeth may appear short, or too small while the gums remain the visual focal point of the smile.

Using laser technology, Dr. Izadi can recontour the gum line for a more aesthetic, natural looking smile. Laser therapy is highly effective for treating gummy smiles. The laser precisely removes excess gum tissue leaving more of the natural teeth exposed.

Treating Tongue-Tie

Tongue tie is a condition where the flap of skin that attaches the tongue to the base of the mouth is too long or tight. This piece of skin, also referred to as a frenulum, prohibits the patient from using the full range of motion of the tongue. Tongue-tie in children can inhibit speech development and make it difficult to breastfeed as babies.

Dr. Izadi offers a laser treatment called a frenectomy. A frenectomy is a process of detaching the frenulum, restoring the full range of motion of the tongue. Laser frenectomies are safe and effective for young children. Treating tongue-tie early on in oral development can allow for a more natural development of the teeth and gums.

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