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Retainer Care Timonium, MD

Many people believe after braces, their orthodontic treatment is complete. Post braces begins the retention phase and it is a life long commitment. A retainer must be worn after treatment to avoid the teeth shifting back into the position they were in before. Wearing a retainer is common and necessary after completing braces. Designed to maintain your beautiful results, retainers can minimize the risk of orthodontic relapse. If it makes your teeth feel tight, that is a clue that you need to wear it more often. Retainers are also typical during two-phase treatment for children, reducing the need for additional orthodontic care later on.

Once your child has their braces removed, they must learn to care for their retainer. Our team will take the time to teach them how to accomplish this. First, a removable retainer is taken out and therefore can be lost easily. Your child will need a case to hold the appliance when not in use to avoid losing it as well as to avoid germs and protect from damage.

Any time a retainer is used it should always be treated delicately and cleaned regularly for optimal oral health. They are fragile and expensive to replace. Wearing your retainer is as important as cleaning your retainer. Keeping your retainer clean can help reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease, both potentially severe oral health concerns.

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Cleaning Retainers

Following the instructions provided to your by Izadi Orthodontics will help keep your retainer clean and fresh. Follow these simple steps on a daily basis to keep your retainer in optimal condition.

  • Brush- You should brush your retainer every day to keep it free from plaque and bacteria build up. Brushing your retainer can and should be made part of your regular oral hygiene routine. After you brush your teeth, thoroughly scrub your retainer before putting it back in your mouth.
  • Soak- Retainers should also be soaked in Polident, Efferdent, or another recommended cleaner. Dissolve the cleaner in room temperature water and place the retainer in the glass. Soaking the retainer will help reduce neutralize odors.
  • Protect- When you are not wearing or cleaning your retainer it should be placed in the custom case provided to you by your team at Izadi Orthodontics. Retainers are a custom-made fragile oral appliance and should be protected from damage or loss. The case can help keep your retainer from getting cracked and will keep it clean while not in use.

Taking care of your retainer is important. Retainer compliance can help maintain your smile for a lifetime. Be sure to thoroughly clean it at least twice a day, and to rinse it after taking it out to eat. Cleaning your retainer can help you avoid halitosis and it will make your retainer taste better in your mouth.

Our orthodontic care team will make personalized recommendations on how to best maintain your oral health and orthodontic results. We want to see you enjoy your beautiful smile for many years to come.