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Misaligned teeth and malocclusion are orthodontic concerns that affect the health and function of your teeth, gums, and jaw.  Orthodontics provides effective treatment for a range of dental problems that compromise the structure and health of the bite in efforts to support a lasting, healthy oral foundation.

Timonium, MD board-certified orthodontist Dr. Mohammad Izadi provides tailored treatment plans for a range of orthodontic concerns to patients of all ages. Dr. Izadi emphasizes the importance of early intervention for Phase 1 treatment to help young patients correct bite concerns as they develop. Izadi Orthodontics offers a one-on-one approach to each patient to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses occlusion, bringing balance and harmony to the facial structure for long-term results.

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Common Orthodontic Concerns

Correcting orthodontic concerns does more than just improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. Realigning bites through comprehensive orthodontic treatment can help children and adults enjoy a more comfortable, stable bite and support long-term oral health.

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Early Intervention

By age 7, orthodontic concerns begin to become evident. Early orthodontic evaluation and Phase 1 treatment can prevent the need for braces or oral surgery later on in life, as well as support optimal speech and jaw development. Phase 1 treatment focuses on the alignment and function of the skeletal system.

Through the comprehensive analysis of the child’s growth trajectory and the alignment of the jaw and teeth, Izadi Orthodontics can design a treatment plan to address early signs of orthodontic concerns. Our goal is to create the most conservative treatment plan possible that will achieve alignment and improve the function of the child’s bite.

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