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Advancements in dental technology have made dental and orthodontic care less invasive and more efficient. Developments in dental technology have improved every aspect of dentistry, from diagnostic x-rays and impressions to reducing the need for oral surgery.

Izadi Orthodontics offers patients cutting-edge dental technology and techniques for the best orthodontics has to offer. Our Timonium, MD orthodontics office is equipped with the latest in technology for quicker, longer-lasting results.

Smart Clip Braces

There are various types of self-ligating braces in the orthodontic field. They are such as Damon, Speed, Innovation R, Smart Clip and other kinds of Braces. We use hypoallergenic braces for patients that are allergic or sensitive to nickel. However, in general, we use Smart Clip braces for the following reasons:

  • Advanced Technology- The advanced technology of Smart Clip Braces stands out from traditional braces. These braces are designed by computers to make a more customized fit for patients. Smart Clip Braces are made with nickel-titanium metal alloy. Common advantages of Smart Clip Braces include comfort, convenience, and short-term treatment.
  • Easier tooth movement- Due to the self-ligating nature of the braces, there is much less friction involved compared to brackets that have to be all elastic tied.
  • Comfort- Comfort is a major advantage of Smart Clip Braces. Many patients with traditional braces often feel discomfort in their mouths from the metal brackets. Smart Clip Braces use self-ligated brackets that are customized by state-of-the-art technology. Unlike traditional braces, Smart Clip Braces do not require patients to wear elastic ties over them, but patients still have the option of various elastic colors to pick from if oral hygiene is good and a particular tooth movement is not a concern. Self-ligating brackets require fewer office visits, which saves people both time and money.
  • Versatile- Whether someone needs just a few teeth straightened or a full set of braces, Smart Clip Braces will improve the appearance of your teeth. This is a great option for people with minor teeth problems. Traditional braces don’t have the capability to focus on a selected portion of the mouth. Smart Clip Braces can also be customized to provide treatment for the entire mouth. Patients and parents are welcome to speak with Dr. Izadi about recommended treatment for their conditions.
  • Aesthetic Treatment- Many people are hesitant to wear braces because they don’t wear to appear unattractive. Clarity Advance braces or Clarity SL Self-Ligating brackets may truly minimize the appearance of braces.
  • Better Hygiene- Smart Clip Braces promote better hygiene in the mouth compared to traditional braces. Self-ligating clips prevent the stain and discoloration of the teeth that can happen with elastic ties. These types of braces are also less likely to trap food. Another advantage of Smart Clip Braces is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

These braces use state-of-the-art technology to help patients straighten their teeth much faster with lesser friction compared to traditional braces. It is noteworthy to mention that quality orthodontic supplies and equipment may enhance the patients experience and results, but are only adjuncts to the knowledge, care, clinical experience, and expertise of the orthodontist that renders exceptional orthodontic treatment!


Invisalign is an innovative clear aligner system designed to move teeth into alignment gradually. This orthodontic treatment uses state-of-the-art iTero scanners and 3-D digital imaging to create aligners that will produce lasting and beautiful smiles. Dr. Izadi provides Invisalign treatments for teens and adults.

iTero Scanner

The iTero digital impression 3-D scanner eliminates the need for messy impression trays. The handheld device scans the oral cavity creating a digital model of your teeth and jaw. The highly accurate digital impression makes it possible for our team at Izadi Orthodontics to provide more precise orthodontic treatment.

Propel for Orthodontics

propel orthodontics timonium md Propel Orthodontics is an innovative technology that creates dental dimples in the gums to stimulate and accelerate the body’s natural healing response. The tiny micro-traumas help to speed the shifting of the jaw bone into alignment, reducing the time patients are required to wear orthodontics.

Propel can be used with almost any orthodontic treatment to help provide more efficient and lasting results. Patients who choose Invisalign are typically qualified to receive Propel. Patients with traditional, self-ligating, or ceramic braces may also benefit from Propel.

V-Pro for Invisalign Patients

The V-Pro is a device that patients can use for a few minutes daily to promote increased movement during Invisalign treatment. When placed over the Invisalign aligners, the V-Pro vibrates to simulate the hard and soft tissue in the mouth. These vibrations encourage tissues to react to the pressure exerted by the Invisalign aligners.

The V-Pro is a great option for Invisalign patients who have problem teeth that take longer to move than other teeth in the mouth. Using the V-Pro can also cut down on time wearing a retainer and Invisalign aligners.


Digital X-Rays

digital xrays timonium mdDigital x-rays are the latest in x-ray technology. These x-rays greatly reduce the patient’s exposure to radiation and are safer for pregnant women and children.

Digital x-rays are stored in a computer system, making it easier to transfer your medical records to other specialists and doctors.

Laser Dentistry

laser dentistry timonium mdLaser dentistry is a state-of-the-art technology that has made many oral treatments easier and less invasive. Laser dentistry eliminates the need for sutures and promotes healing. Patients who receive laser dentistry treatments experience less discomfort, swelling, and bleeding.

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)

TADs are small titanium anchors that help the tooth movement process go more quickly. Orthodontists may prescribe these devices in combination with braces or alone as an alternative to headgear.

The process by which TADs are placed doesn’t take long and causes little or no discomfort. First, a strong anesthetic is used to numb the gum and jaw tissue in the area in which the TAD will be placed. The orthodontist will then gently place the TAD through the gum tissue and firmly into the jawbone.

You may feel a little discomfort directly after your TAD has been placed. This will fade quite quickly, but in the meantime, you can take an over-the-counter painkiller for relief.

How do I care for my TAD?

Clean your TADs just like braces you clean your braces: by brushing your teeth three times a day. We’ll also give you an antimicrobial mouthwash to use two times a day.