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When you smile, and too much of your gum tissue shows on the top teeth, this is referred to as a gummy smile. A gummy smile is one of the dental problems Izadi Orthodontics treats in Timonium MD. This condition often leaves patients very self-conscious about their smiles. What a lot of people do not realize is a gummy smile can actually be fixed. Even though it is based on perception, when the exposed gum tissue measures around 3 millimeters or more, this may be considered an excess amount of visible gum tissue.

Timonium orthodontist Dr. Mohammad Izadi offers comprehensive treatment plans designed to improve the contour and aesthetics of the gums. Using innovative dental technology, Izadi Orthodontics helps patients to restore the appearance and health of their gums without the need for oral surgery or other invasive treatments.

laser therapy treatment for gummy smiles in Timonium, MD

Causes of Gummy Smiles

If you have a gummy smile, it can caused by many things. Understanding the specific cause can help determine the most effective and best course of treatment. While gummy smiles are more prevalent in women, it is possible to see them in men. The most common causes of seeing more gum tissue exposed when smiling include:

  • Genetics: Genetics are responsible for natural variations in gum tissue and teeth. Some people are born with teeth that are small compared to the gums or teeth with an abnormal size, shape, and position that make their smile appear more “gummy.”
  • Lip Size and Movement: Being born with a short upper lip, or having a hyperactive upper lip muscle where your upper lip will rises higher than normal, can expose more gum tissue.
  • Gum Tissue Health: Conditions like gingival hypertrophy, where the gum tissue is long, enlarged, or overgrown, can lead to a gummy appearance.
  • Abnormal Tooth Eruption: Teeth that have not fully erupted or simply erupt in your gums improperly result in a majority of the teeth being covered by gum tissue. This makes the gums appear more prominent and the teeth appear shorter than normal.
  • Jaw Development: The way your upper jaw bone grew and developed can affect the amount of gum shown when smiling. If you had a bulging protrusion in your upper jaw during growth and development, it could result in a gummy smile.
  • Orthodontic Issues: Misalignment of teeth or the way teeth have erupted can influence gum visibility.

Gummy smiles can present more than just cosmetic concerns. When the gum line is low or covers a large surface area of the teeth, it can be difficult for patients to receive the dental care they need. Treating gummy smiles can help improve the health and aesthetics of the smile.

How to Fix a Gummy Smile

Gummy smiles can detract from the appearance of the smile and create potential health risks. Treating gummy smiles with laser therapy reduces the risk of developing oral health concerns and improves the aesthetics of the teeth and gums.

Izadi Orthodontics uses laser therapy for soft tissue treatments and gum contouring. Traditional methods to remove gum tissue were painful and required long periods of recovery time. The tissue was actually cut away, repositioned, and then stitched up.

State-of-the-art laser therapy allows for less invasive, more precise treatment of soft tissue dental concerns. Laser treatments reduce swelling and bleeding and eliminate the need for sutures. The innovative technology promotes the body’s natural healing response reducing downtime and discomfort.

We will begin the procedure by numbing the areas being treated. When you are comfortable, Dr. Izadi will use the laser to shorten and reshape your gum tissue. Since a laser will seal off the blood vessels, there will be little to no bleeding. Dr. Izadi’s natural eye for facial aesthetics and advanced training help him to provide patients with natural results that promote healthy smiles. After the procedure, the patient is left with an aesthetically pleasing smile. Our helpful staff will give you directions on how to care for your gums following the procedure.

Gummy Smile FAQs

In this Gummy Smile FAQ section, we aim to address common question about gummy smiles. If you have this condition, we hope we have provided you with answers to any questions you have. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our orthodontic office for help.

What causes a gummy smile?

The root cause of gummy smiles is excess gum tissue due to genetics. As adult teeth begin to come in, some patients experience an overgrowth of gum tissue. This may result in a gummy smile.

Are gummy smiles common?

Gummy smiles are not uncommon and are more common in females than males. They impact 14% of the female population and 7% of the male population.

How long does it take to fix a gummy smile?

The time it takes to fix a gummy smile is dependent on the amount of dental work you need. Time to heal post-procedure may take anywhere from two weeks to two months.

Why do some people have gummy smiles?

Excess gum tissue growth causes gummy smiles. While teeth are growing in, sometimes gum tissue continues to grow, resulting in the appearance of a gummy smile.

Can kids grow out of a gummy smile?

Children can grow out of a gummy smile as they age. As new, permanent teeth begin to come in, they may protrude through the excess gum tissue, removing or lessening the appearance of the gummy smile.

Can gummy smiles be fixed?

Yes, we can surgically correct gummy smiles. One of the most common ways to do this is a gingivectomy. A gingivectomy lengthens tooth crowns by removing excess gum tissue.

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