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Orthodontic treatment can help improve the aesthetics of your smile while supporting a stable, comfortable, and functional bite. Our orthodontic services can straighten crooked teeth and bring a bite into proper alignment. At Izadi Orthodontics, we also treat musculoskeletal concerns, tongue-tie, and offer laser gum contouring as part of our comprehensive approach to oral health.

A Board Certified orthodontist, Dr. Mohammad Izadi, focuses on addressing the functional development of the musculoskeletal system, minimizing the risk of orthodontic relapse. We follow up with patients up to a year post-treatment in order to help manage and maintain a stable outcome.

Our Timonium, MD orthodontist office is equipped with the latest in modern digital technology, providing a higher level of accuracy and less invasive orthodontic treatments. We use state-of-the-art digital imaging and scanning technology to analyze the alignment and function of the bite for both diagnosis and treatment planning purposes.

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Orthodontic Concerns

Orthodontic treatments address dental concerns that require shifting of the teeth or movement of the jaw bone in order to achieve a healthy, stable smile.

  • Crooked teeth: Crooked teeth are the most common reason patients seek orthodontic treatment. Braces, clear aligners, and retainers can be used to straighten teeth for a more aesthetic smile. Straightening crooked teeth can also improve a patient’s oral health, reducing their risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and painful jaw symptoms.
  • Malocclusion: Overbites, underbites, and open-bites occur when the jaw does not properly align. Malocclusion can be corrected using orthodontic appliances, self-ligating braces, or ceramic braces. Treatment will vary depending on the degree of malocclusion and the personal goals and concerns of the patient.
  • Gap Teeth: Gaps between the teeth can cause aesthetic concerns but may also cause malocclusion or discomfort in the bite or jaw. Gap teeth can be closed using a range of orthodontic treatments depending on the size and location of the gaps.
  • Malformed jaw or bite: Some children are born with a smaller or misaligned jaw. As the child develops, it becomes evident that the bite is too small, large, or misaligned. Treating a malformed jaw early on can help prevent difficulty eating and speech development.

Orthodontic Treatment Options Timonium, MD

Our orthodontic office offers a range of orthodontic treatment options for personalized and precise care. Our services include extensive analysis and up to a year of follow-up after treatment. We want patients to enjoy the lasting effects of their orthodontic care for years to come.


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that aligns teeth with custom-made, clear, removable aligners. This clear aligner system will slowly shift teeth into their desired position over time. Invisalign is a popular and effective alternative to traditional braces. The treatment provides patients with a more discreet and comfortable option. The aligners are nearly invisible, and you can remove them for eating, brushing, and flossing. They are more convenient and allow for better oral hygiene. Invisalign can address various dental issues, including overcrowding, gaps, and bite problems. To learn more about the Invisalign process, see Invisalign Braces.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are a type of orthodontic treatment that uses a specialized clip or bracket to hold the archwire in place instead of traditional elastic bands or metal ties. This unique design reduces friction and allows for more efficient tooth movement, often resulting in shorter treatment times and fewer adjustments. You can choose between metal and ceramic self-ligating braces, both providing aesthetic choices for patients. They are also known for being more comfortable because they exert less pressure on the teeth and are easier to clean since they lack elastics that can trap food and debris. To learn more about the benefits of self-ligating braces, see Self-Ligating Braces.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are an orthodontic appliance that we may recommend to straighten teeth and correct bite issues. Made from a clear or tooth-colored ceramic material, ceramic braces offer a more discreet treatment than traditional metal braces. They are a popular choice for people seeking a more aesthetically pleasing option. Ceramic braces function like metal braces, using brackets and archwires to gradually move teeth into their desired position. They are also just as effective as metal braces for most treatments but may require more careful maintenance to avoid staining and are slightly more fragile. To learn more about the benefits of braces made from ceramic, see Ceramic Braces.

Propel for Orthodontics

Propel for Orthodontics is an advanced technology that we use to accelerate the movement of teeth during orthodontic treatment. It involves a minimally invasive procedure called micro-osteoperforation. This procedure stimulates bone remodeling and enhances the effectiveness of braces or aligners.

Propel can significantly reduce your treatment time, often by 50%, and will improve your overall results. The procedure is typically quick, only taking a few minutes, and we can usually do it at the same time as your regular orthodontic appointments. Dr. Izadi can use Propel for children and adults, making it a choice for anyone seeking faster orthodontic treatment. To learn more about the benefits of adding Propel to your orthodontic treatment, see Proper for Orthodontics.

Orthodontic Appliances

Two-Phased Treatment

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Izadi Orthodontics offers phased treatment plans for children with orthodontic concerns. The phased treatment plan uses early analysis of the child’s oral growth trajectory to provide proactive orthodontic care. Children who receive Phase I orthodontic treatments can often avoid the need for oral surgery or braces later in life.

We encourage parents to bring their child in for an orthodontic analysis by the age of seven. As your child’s jaw and teeth develop, Izadi Orthodontics can track their progress, determining if further treatment will be required. Treating malocclusion or a malformed jaw during development allows for more conservative treatment options.

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