Ceramic Braces Timonium, MD

Get a stunning smile without the look and bulk of metal braces with Ceramic Braces.

Ceramic braces are a great alternative to traditional braces. They are just as capable of addressing advanced orthodontic dental concerns. Similar to metal braces, ceramic braces work using brackets and an overarch wire. What sets ceramic braces apart are the brackets made of high-quality dental porcelain. The slightly larger brackets are tooth-colored and blend in with the patient’s teeth.

Patients can choose to use traditional elastic bands or self-ligating clips with ceramic braces. Both self-ligating and conventional elastic band options are highly effective.  Clear braces are more commonly used in the top arch of teeth, while metal braces are still the preferred treatment for orthodontic concerns affecting the bottom teeth.

Izadi Orthodontics offers Clarity™ Advanced ceramic braces for their discreet appearance, high performance, and lasting results. Clarity Advanced ceramic braces have a low profile and are smaller than other ceramic braces to reduce soft tissue irritation. Our team at Izadi Orthodontics can help patients choose which treatment option will best suit their lifestyle and offer optimal orthodontic results.

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Benefits of Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces have advantages over alternative braces options that may make them more appealing to patients than traditional braces. Ceramic braces are capable of correcting more advanced malocclusion or tooth misalignment like conventional braces, but they are colored to match the natural teeth providing a more aesthetic and subtle appearance.

What Are The Benefits of Ceramic Braces?

  • Tooth-colored
  • Realigns teeth quicker than clear aligners
  • Effective for complex orthodontic concerns
  • A greater level of comfort
  • Low profile & smaller brackets
  • Stain-resistant

Patients who require more extensive adjustments of their skeletal structure but desire a more aesthetic treatment option may benefit from ceramic braces.

Ceramic Braces: Care & Maintenance

Ceramic braces require diligent oral hygiene and routine visits to the orthodontist for optimal results. Like with all braces, it is essential to thoroughly clean your ceramic brackets and your teeth after every meal. Flossing and brushing can help keep your braces clean and reduces post-treatment tooth decay and tooth discoloration.

Ceramic brackets are more delicate than traditional metal brackets, and patients should take caution when playing sports or cleaning their braces.

Ceramic Braces FAQs

Do ceramic braces work as well as metal braces?

Yes, ceramic braces are designed to shift teeth and the jaw in the same way as metal braces. In most cases, ceramic braces can be used to treat the same orthodontic concerns as metal braces with the added benefit of blending in with your teeth.

Can I use Invisalign instead of ceramic braces?

The type of braces you use will depend on the condition of your oral health and the extent of your orthodontic concerns. Dr. Izadi will make personalized recommendations based on a thorough analysis of your bite and jaw.  Ceramic braces can typically treat more complex dental concerns.

Are ceramic braces more expensive than metal braces?

Yes. However, patients enjoy a more aesthetic and more comfortable orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces can help professionals improve their oral health without the fear of braces interfering with their work.

Do ceramic braces take longer than Invisalign and metal braces?

Straightening your teeth with ceramic braces may take anywhere from 18 to 36 months. Even if your teeth don’t need much correction, popular clear-alignment procedures like Invisalign can take a year or longer to work. Severe cases of misalignment or malocclusion may take longer to correct.

What foods should I avoid with ceramic braces?

It’s important to avoid staining foods like tomatoes and dark chocolate when you’re wearing ceramic braces. Red wine can also leave a stain or discoloration on brackets and the surface of teeth.

Are ceramic braces easy to break?

Ceramic is much less durable than metal, so ceramic braces tend to break more frequently. Ceramic braces are durable, and with proper care and caution, they should not break.