Izadi Orthodontics Patient Testimonials

Dr. Izadi and his professional team at Izadi Orthodontics are dedicated to providing high-quality care to patients. Learn about what our patients have to say:

My daughter recently got her braces and bite guard… we’ve had several visits to the office and all have more than met our expectations. We were informed about the entire process and cost prior to any work being done. Dr. Izadi has a great personality. He is personable and very kind. I can tell he loves what he does! The staff is super friendly and makes the appointments a pleasure. We are very confident in Dr. Izadi’s and his staff’s abilities. We can’t wait to see the transformation in our daughter’s smile.

Hilary Leoni

Love it here! Dr. Izadi, and his staff, are absolutely wonderful. He is honestly one of the warmest, kindest and loveliest people in the world. AND he is an amazingly talented orthodontist who runs a great practice. He consistently handles my anxious family members with patience and compassion and, as a result, they are more cooperative and less stressed here than anywhere else. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Izadi and his practice!

Lindsey Foster

I have been so pleased with Dr. Izadi and everything about his practice. They are so well organized, prompt, flexible, and compassionate. My son’s teeth look great and while it was a long process (boy were his teeth crooked to begin with!), we are so pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Izadi!

Jessica Kohnen

Izadi Orthodontics Patient Testimonials

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