Do I Need an Orthodontic Appliance?

There are various types of orthodontic appliances, all of which assist with different problems. They can be used with braces, or completely on their own to correct the issues you’re having with your teeth placement or bite misalignment. Dr. Mohammad Izadi of Izadi Orthodontics, an orthodontist in Cockeysville, MD, discusses the appliances our office carries and how they can help you.cockeysville, maryland orthodontist

What Are Orthodontic Appliances?

The term orthodontic appliance can cover a range of things. Most well-known of the orthodontic appliances are probably retainers. Orthodontic appliances can help straighten your crooked teeth, musculoskeletal misalignment, and issues with how your bite lines up. Most commonly, Dr. Izadi uses appliances in early intervention treatment plans, also known as the first phase of two-phase treatment.

Phase one style of treatment is used earlier in childhood. This is to help treat any developmental issues a child may be having. This includes problems with the facial muscles, bones, bite, and teeth. Left untreated, they can impact a child’s self-confidence, speech, comfort level in the mouth, and can damage teeth.

Our Orthodontic Appliances

Dr. Izadi uses multiple orthodontic appliances to assist children and adults with their bite problems. These include:

Herbst Appliance

This is used as an alternative to headgear. It’s attached to your molars, connecting the upper and lower jaw with a metal tube. It’s secured to the teeth and is often used with braces for full treatment. This device slowly aligns a child’s bite by moving the upper and lower jaw into place, in conjunction with one another. Treatment usually takes about a year, depending on the severity of the bite misalignment being treated.

Palate Expanders

Palates that are too small or underdeveloped may not be able to support permanent tooth development. A palate expander gradually widens the upper palate so that this is possible. It’s customized to each patient and worn daily. Using a palate expander for phase one treatment may eliminate the need for braces or other forms of treatment later on. It’s important that this is done earlier in a child’s development.

Sagittal Appliances

This is used for patients with too-small lower jaws. Similar to a palate expander, it gradually widens the lower jaw. It’s removable but has to be worn for 22 hours a day and removed once a day for cleaning. It can be secured using screws, but Dr. Izadi will make specific recommendations for use depending on the condition of each individual patient.


Retainers are typically used to keep teeth in the proper alignment after treatment with braces. Sometimes, minor orthodontic problems can be treated with a retainer in phase one instead of braces. They’re custom-designed to fit precisely in a patient’s mouth and kids can have fun picking colors and designs. Dr. Izadi will give detailed instructions, as retainers must be used continuously for optimal results.

Your Cockeysville, Maryland Orthodontist

Orthodontic appliances may be beneficial for your child’s oral development. Call us or schedule an appointment online!