Why You Should Fix Your Underbite

A severe underbite means that your lower jaw protrudes out much farther than the top part of your jaw. This can impact both the functionality of your mouth and jaw, as well as cause you trouble socially, with self-confidence. Dr. Mohammad Izadi of Izadi Orthodontics, an experienced orthodontist in Lutherville, MD, discusses the problems an underbite can cause, why you should get it treated, and methods to do so.orthodontist in lutherville, md

Why Do I Have an Underbite?

Underbites mean that the upper jaw is underdeveloped and the lower jaw is much larger. This is often caused by hereditary conditions that you could’ve inherited. Children also have many habits that can impact their bite when they’re older. These include sucking their thumb, using a pacifier or feeding from a bottle significantly past the age of being an infant, and constantly using their tongue to push against the teeth.

Underbite Complications and Issues

First and foremost, an underbite often makes people feel uncomfortable in their own skin. They’re self-conscious about the way their smile looks or how their underbite may appear to people while speaking or eating. Underbites can also make it difficult to do simple tasks normally, like speaking or eating. It impacts the functionality of your mouth.

Additionally, underbites can affect the way a child’s facial structure and speech develop. There could be skeletal issues in the face because of an underbite, as well as difficulty speaking that may require speech therapy. Since skeletal formation and eating are impacted by underbites, it can be hard to get a healthy, balanced diet. Certain foods may be unable to be eaten by the person with the underbite.

Underbites impact the way that your bite comes together. Not all of your teeth are meeting where they’re supposed to, so some get more strain and pressure than others. This can cause cracked, broken, or chipped teeth. The positioning of the teeth and jaw can also lead to things like TMJ disorders that cause pain and discomfort throughout the face, head, and ears, in addition to jaw pain.

Lastly, severe cases can lead to more advanced problems. Extreme facial discomfort can come with underbites. Just the way the mouth is positioned while resting can be irritating to the patient. Underbites can even cause difficulties breathing when the case is severe enough.

Treating an Underbite

Since each patient and case are different, Dr. Izadi will create a customized treatment plan for your specific case. This can include any number of things to ensure that your jaw shifts and is positioned the way it needs to be. Some options may not be available to you if you have an extremely severe case. Our wide variety of treatment procedures includes:

Your Lutherville, Maryland Orthodontist

Dr. Izadi is determined to find the best treatment plan for all of his patients. We want to be able to find the one that fits your needs and is most comfortable for you. Call us or schedule an appointment online to get your underbite fixed!