Orthodontist Hunt Valley, MD

Board Certified orthodontist Dr. Mohammad Izadi offers comprehensive orthodontic services using advanced treatment options, techniques, and dental technology for beautiful smiles that are also comfortable and healthy. Your orthodontic treatment is tailored to your unique oral health needs and cosmetic concerns, recommended for you with the goal of supporting lasting dental health. We offer our orthodontic services in Hunt Valley, MD, for children and adults to treat the following dental concerns:

Crooked teethCrooked teeth are the most common reason patients seek orthodontic treatment. Braces, clear aligners, and retainers can be used to straighten teeth for a more aesthetic smile. Straightening crooked teeth can also improve a patient’s oral health, reducing their risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and painful jaw symptoms.

Malocclusion Overbite, underbite, and open bites occur when the jaw does not properly align. Malocclusion can be corrected using orthodontic appliances, self-ligating braces, or ceramic braces. Treatment will vary depending on the degree of malocclusion and the personal goals and concerns of the patient.

Gap Teeth – Gaps between the teeth can cause aesthetic concerns but may also cause malocclusion or discomfort in the bite or jaw. Gap teeth can be closed using a range of orthodontic treatments depending on the size and location of the gaps.

Malformed jaw or bite – Some children are born with a smaller or misaligned jaw. As the child develops, it becomes evident that the bite is too small, large, or misaligned. Treating a malformed jaw early on in life can help prevent difficulty eating and issues with speech development.

Orthodontic Treatment Options Hunt Valley, MD

Depending on your needs and cosmetic goals, he may recommend any of the following options:

Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Dr. Izadi provides early orthodontic screening, a recommended visit to determine if your child has a developing dental problem that can be corrected early to avoid larger problems in the future. The best time to schedule an early screening at our Hunt Valley, MD, orthodontist office is around the age of 7, as the permanent molars are emerging and beginning to impact the bite.

Izadi Orthodontics offers phased treatment plans for children with orthodontic concerns. The phased treatment plan uses early analysis of the child’s oral growth trajectory to provide proactive orthodontic care. Children who receive Phase I orthodontic treatments can often avoid the need for oral surgery or braces later in life.

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