Orthodontic Solutions for an Open Bite

Open bite Timonium, MDIf you’ve noticed that there is a gap between your child’s teeth even when their mouth is closed, they may have a condition known as an open bite. This occurs when some or all of the upper and lower teeth don’t come into contact. At Izadi Orthodontics, we utilize an array of treatment options to help children with open bite. Treating this condition early can prevent further problems from developing.

What Causes Open Bite?

A variety of factors can contribute to the development of open bite. These include skeletal deformation as well as habits such as thumb sucking, sucking on the lower lip or foreign objects and tongue thrusting. Tongue thrusting occurs when you push your tongue between the upper and lower teeth while speaking or swallowing. Just like thumb sucking, this habit is common for young children, but it can cause problems for kids who don’t outgrow it.

Why Treat Open Bite?

Without early intervention, open bite can lead to several types of issues. These include:

  • Eating and drinking- Misaligned teeth can affect your ability to chew properly. Also, gaps between teeth can cause food or drink to leak out of your mouth.
  • Damage to teeth- Open bite can cause the teeth at the back of your mouth to come into contact more often. This wears the teeth down and can cause them to fracture.
  • Speech- Early treatment can prevent the development of speech issues. Left unaddressed, misaligned teeth can cause problems such as lisping or difficulty with pronunciation.
  • Aesthetic- People with open bite may feel unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. This can lead to smiling less and a lack of confidence.

Treatment Options For Open Bite

Dr. Mohammed Izadi and our orthodontic care team conduct comprehensive bite analyses to develop personalized treatment plans for children with open bite. We also make it a priority to help your child feel comfortable with their treatment. Some of the treatment options we use include:

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Identifying and treating open bite early can help prevent serious problems. Dr. Izadi recommends bringing children aged seven and older in for orthodontic analysis. To schedule an appointment at our Timonium, MD office, call (410) 919-9806 or schedule a consultation online.