What Causes an Overbite and How Can it be Treated?

What is an overbite?

An overbite occurs when the top arch of teeth protrude over the bottom arch of teeth. Overbites can cause excessive tension on the jaw and can disrupt oral development.

What Causes an Over Bite?

Overbites can be caused by a variety of factors. Dr. Izadi uses precise and thorough bite analysis to determine the structural cause of the overbite for more accurate treatment.

Causes of Overbites

  • Myofunctional habits
    1. Bottle feeding
    2. Thumb sucking
    3. Tongue thrusting
  • Genetics
  • Facial development

Poor myofunctional habits can force the top jaw forward during the early stages of jaw development. Early intervention can correct these habits in children preventing more severe overbites. Izadi Orthodontics uses two-phased treatment plans to adjust bites in developing jaws. Our state of the art orthodontic office offers innovative digital technology and 3-D imagining for more accurate functional analysis.

Can an overbite affect my child’s development?

Yes, severe overbites can impact the development of your child’s speech and the structure of their jaw and face. Izadi Orthodontics offers phased treatment options for the early intervention and treatment of overbites. Phased treatment can prevent future oral health complications, correcting the bite before it impacts your child’s oral development.

Way of Treating an Over Bite

Dr. Mohammed Izadi and our orthodontic care team conduct comprehensive bite analyses to develop personalized treatment plans for children with an over bite. We also make it a priority to help your child feel comfortable with their treatment. Some of the treatment options we use include:


Identifying and treating an over bite early can help prevent serious problems. Dr. Izadi recommends bringing children aged seven and older in for orthodontic analysis. To schedule an appointment at our Timonium, MD office, call (410) 919-9806 or schedule a consultation online.