Why Should Crooked Teeth Be Treated?

If you have crooked teeth you may want to straighten them for cosmetic reasons. However, crooked teeth can lead to multiple problems such as tooth decay, gum recession or disease, worn and broken teeth, and jaw and bite disorders. Dr. Mohammad Izadi and the team at Izadi Orthodontics treat crooked teeth and help prevent the oral health problems that they cause. Dr. Izadi treats crooked teeth with orthodontic appliances to create a more balanced and healthier smile.

Crooked Teeth treatment in Timonium, MD

Treatments for Crooked Teeth

Herbst Appliance

A Herbst appliance is secured to teeth and can be used in combination with braces to correct an overbite. The appliance is attached to the molars and connects the upper and lower jaw with a metal tube. Patients can use the device to adjust the positioning of the upper jaw in relation the lower jaw, gradually aligning their bite. Typical treatment time is about 12 months but will vary depending on the degree of malocclusion being treated.

Palate Expanders

Palate expanders are used to treat underdeveloped or small palates and allow room for stable, permanent tooth development. They are commonly used to expand the pallet during early oral development to help prevent the need for tooth extraction, braces, or even jaw surgery.

Sagittal Appliances

Sagittal appliances help to expand the lower arch and address overcrowding in patients with small lower jaws. This device is removable but can be secured using screws. The sagittal device is typically worn for at least 22 hours a day and should be removed for thorough cleaning at least once a day.


Retainers are commonly used oral appliances that help keep teeth in proper alignment after completing a braces treatment. However, patients with minor orthodontic concerns may use a retainer instead of braces. Retainers are custom designed and fabricated to fit the patient’s mouth. Our dentists will also provide patients with detailed and personalized instruction on retainer use. Cleaning and caring for a retainer is also essential for the patient’s oral health.

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