What is Two Phase Treatment?

Orthodontic issues in children can’t always be treated in one phase. Izadi Orthodontics offers two phase orthodontic treatment to avoid having extensive treatment later in life. Does your child have orthodontic issues? See if two phase treatment from a Cockeysville, MD orthodontist is right for them.

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How Can I Tell if My Child has Orthodontic Problems?

While you may not be able to tell alone, we encourage you to bring your child in for an orthodontic exam by the age of seven. At this time, they’ve usually gotten their six-year molars and front teeth. We can do an evaluation and see if phased orthodontics will be something that’s necessary.

An early orthodontic exam is especially crucial if your child has a habit like sucking their thumb. This can have a serious impact on orthodontic development. Other things to watch out for include:

  • Tongue thrusting
  • Crowded teeth
  • Losing baby teeth very early
  • Struggling with chewing or speaking
  • Teeth that don’t come into contact with each other

Any of these things can be a sign that there’s a problem with your child’s oral development. We want to help the oral health of your children and try to avoid problems with speech or other mouth problems that can cause a social stigma as they grow.

What are the Phases of This Orthodontic Treatment?

The first phase starts with a complete analysis of your child’s teeth and jaw. Dr. Izadi will focus on the function of the teeth and jaw and how to make sure that they’re working properly. Usually, this will involve using some sort of orthodontic device. This is to try to eliminate a future need for braces or the issue of orthodontic relapse. 

As each patient is different, each will have a personalized treatment plan. He’ll discuss breaking habits like thumb or finger sucking that can impact the development of the mouth. Oral devices like palate expanders are often used, and detailed instructions will be given on how to take care of it. It’s crucial to take care of both the device and all aspects of the child’s mouth during phase one.

After phase one, there’s a period where your child’s development will go forward with no orthodontic assistance. We’ll make sure to monitor throughout the development to keep tabs on things and observe when phase two should begin. Phase two usually involves braces, but will also be a much shorter length of time than phase one was. Phase one exists so that phase two can be as short as possible, avoiding years of time spent with braces.

Two Phase Orthodontics in Cockeysville, Maryland

Is your child approaching the age of seven? Are they struggling with a thumb-sucking habit? Call Izadi Orthodontics today or schedule an appointment online!