Dental Technology at Your Lutherville, MD Orthodontist

At Izadi Orthodontics, we keep up with the latest in dental technology. As advancements continue to be made, dental and orthodontic treatment is less invasive and more comfortable for both orthodontists and patients. Dr. Mohammad Izadi, an orthodontist in Lutherville, MD, talks about their dental technology and how it can help you in orthodontic treatment.orthodontist in lutherville, maryland

iTero Scanner

The iTero Scanner is used to get 3D digital impressions of your teeth. One of the most dreaded parts of getting braces or other orthodontic treatment was always the impression tray. With messy material to get the impression of your teeth and how long it took, it was a chore for patients.

With the iTero Scanner, Dr. Izadi uses a handheld device to run over your entire oral cavity. This creates a full 3D model of both your teeth and jaw that the orthodontist can use to help develop your personal treatment plan. It’s much more accurate than impression trays, allowing your orthodontist to give you better treatment. It can also give more of a view, including the jaw as well as detailed scans of your teeth.

Digital X-Rays

This is the latest iteration of x-rays. Instead of being on just films, digital x-rays can be stored on the computer. This makes it easy to have them added to your medical records and sent to any other doctors or specialists that need them. They also require less radiation. This makes it safer for both pregnant women and children, along with everyone else.

Propel for Orthodontics

Propel is a unique tool that’s used to speed up orthodontic treatment. The tool creates what are called dental dimples in the gums. This stimulates the body’s natural healing response. Microtraumas are used to help speed up the process of your jawbone shifting into alignment. Ideally, this can make your orthodontic treatment go faster, reducing the amount of time you have to wear an orthodontic device.

Propel is something that can be used with many forms of orthodontic treatment. Invisalign patients, as well as patients with traditional braces, can benefit from this treatment. Patients being treated with ceramic or self-ligating braces can often receive this treatment as well.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is one of the best forms of new technology. It’s completely changed many aspects of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Laser dentistry helps many patients avoid invasive oral procedures. Instead, it can be done with just using the laser on your soft tissue to perform the procedure. This is used for tongue ties, gum contouring, and problems with gummy smiles.

Laser dentistry provides many benefits compared to the traditional ways of performing these treatments. The heat of the laser means there’s less bleeding and it takes a shorter time to heal after the procedure is done. There’s less swelling, pain, and other overall side effects that you’ll have to deal with while you’re healing.

Advanced Technology at Your Orthodontist in Lutherville, MD

At Izadi Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer the best technology available to our patients. For an easier treatment, call us today or schedule an appointment online.