What Is VPro for Orthodontics?

Would you like to reduce your orthodontic treatment time?

Dr. Izadi offers enhanced Invisalign treatment with VPro™, a unique technology that can accelerate tooth movement. Similar to Propel for orthodontics, many patients also enjoy less discomfort with their aligners when using VPro.

How Does VPro Work?

The handheld VPro device fits easily into your mouth, over the teeth. It is held in place for a few minutes daily, just bite down on the device with enough force to hold it in place. The device is placed over your aligners and when turned on will deliver tiny vibrations that stimulate the hard and soft tissues around your teeth. This causes them to react faster to the forces being placed on them by the aligners, facilitating more rapid tooth movement and minimizing some of the discomfort patients can feel from the pressure of the aligners.

VPro is easy to use and portable so you can keep your Invisalign treatment moving forward even if you are traveling. There is also an associated smartphone VPro Fastrack APP that allows you to track your progress and update Dr. Izadi with images, reducing the number of office visits during your treatment. The APP makes the process fun and engaging for patients of all ages, who can follow their own progress at home and see results as the images are updated.

Am I a candidate for VPro?

Most patients with mild to moderate orthodontic concerns using Invisalign can enhance their treatment with VPro. Dr. Izadi will recommend this additional treatment option when appropriate.

How does the VPro device connect to my phone or other devices?

VPro uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the app once it is installed on your phone or tablet.

How many times a day can I use VPro?

It is generally recommended that patients use the VPro device once a day for about 5 minutes. Dr. Izadi will discuss additional usage if considered appropriate for your specific orthodontic needs and treatment plan.