Does My Child Need Two-Phase Treatment?

There are several oral development concerns that should be evaluated by Dr. Izadi and possibly addressed with phase one orthodontic treatment. For children with concerns about their oral health and development, early intervention can set the stage for normal, healthy growth and a beautiful adult smile.

Common Reasons for Two-Phase Orthodontics

The decision to recommend a two-phase approach to your child’s orthodontic care is the result of a thorough evaluation of their teeth, gums, and jaw structure. The goal of treatment will be to establish a healthy bite so that your child’s permanent teeth can be positioned correctly as they erupt. Although an aesthetically pleasing outcome is important, phase one orthodontics is focused on supporting normal oral development so that your child will enjoy good dental health and a comfortable bite.

The common reasons for recommending early intervention include:

  • Underbite
  • Overbite, protrusion of top teeth
  • Narrow bite that could lead to overcrowding of teeth

Children can present with these concerns as a result of genetics or certain myofunctional habits such as thumb-sucking. Dr. Izadi recommends that an orthodontic evaluation be done at around the age of 7 before all of the primary teeth are lost. This allows for enough time to correct a bite problem before permanent teeth have erupted.

Two-Phase Orthodontics: what are the benefits?

We recommend early orthodontic intervention in young children when there are significant benefits for their oral health and development. When a significant bite problem is already apparent, phase one orthodontics can be used to realign the bite to avoid bigger problems down the road. In many cases, early orthodontic treatment will enable your child to avoid more invasive treatment later. This can include tooth extractions and oral surgery.

Structural concerns with a developing bite can also impact speech. If your child has a speech development issue, their oral structure could be the underlying cause. Early treatment to realign the bite and allow for healthy permanent tooth placement can play a role in resolving a speech problem.

Dr. Izadi is experienced in providing comprehensive orthodontic care to children with oral development concerns. To discuss your child’s orthodontic needs and explore treatment options, schedule a consultation in our Timonium dental office.