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What are Ceramic Braces?

With modern orthodontic technology, there are many options for straightening your teeth. Ceramic braces are an option that gives you help with advanced orthodontic issues that you need, without the visibility of traditional metal braces. Dr. Mohammad Izadi, an orthodontist…


Do I Need an Orthodontic Appliance?

There are various types of orthodontic appliances, all of which assist with different problems. They can be used with braces, or completely on their own to correct the issues you’re having with your teeth placement or bite misalignment. Dr. Mohammad…


Why You Should Fix Your Underbite

A severe underbite means that your lower jaw protrudes out much farther than the top part of your jaw. This can impact both the functionality of your mouth and jaw, as well as cause you trouble socially, with self-confidence. Dr.…


Oral Health and How Stress Affects It

Currently, stress is spreading throughout the country due to the uncertainty and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It can impact both your mental and physical health. But do you know the impact it can have on your oral health?…


Dental Technology at Your Lutherville, MD Orthodontist

At Izadi Orthodontics, we keep up with the latest in dental technology. As advancements continue to be made, dental and orthodontic treatment is less invasive and more comfortable for both orthodontists and patients. Dr. Mohammad Izadi, an orthodontist in Lutherville,…


Self-Litigating Braces FAQs

Self-litigating braces are one of the various types of braces that Cockeysville, MD orthodontist Dr. Mohammad Izadi utilizes at Izadi Orthodontics. But what makes these braces different from the rest? Dr. Izadi answers the most frequently asked questions about self-litigating…


How to Take Proper Care of Your Retainer

After you have braces or other tooth straightening procedures, a retainer is required to keep your teeth in that formation. You don’t want them to shift back to the position that they were in before you got treatment. It’s a…


What is Two Phase Treatment?

Orthodontic issues in children can’t always be treated in one phase. Izadi Orthodontics offers two phase orthodontic treatment to avoid having extensive treatment later in life. Does your child have orthodontic issues? See if two phase treatment from a Cockeysville,…


Are Lingual Braces the Right Choice for Me?

You want to straighten out your teeth and fix your smile. But you don’t want to have metal braces prominently on the front of your teeth. What are your options? Izadi Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Lutherville, MD, may recommend lingual…


Why Should Crooked Teeth Be Treated?

If you have crooked teeth you may want to straighten them for cosmetic reasons. However, crooked teeth can lead to multiple problems such as tooth decay, gum recession or disease, worn and broken teeth, and jaw and bite disorders. Dr.…