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Izadi Orthodontics Patient Testimonials

Dr. Izadi and his professional team at Izadi Orthodontics are dedicated to providing high-quality care to patients. Learn about what our patients have to say: My daughter recently got her braces and bite guard... we’ve had several visits to the…


Laser Dentistry for Gums and Tongue-Tie

Dentistry has come a long way in the modern era. Now, through laser dentistry, cosmetic and oral health problems can be easily addressed and treated. The advanced technology of laser dentistry allows professional dentists to deliver safe, comfortable, and efficient…


Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Smile

Nothing in life is easy, and just about everything in your life requires maintenance, similar to your car needing routine checkups, cleanings, etc. The same is required for your smile. Without routine maintenance, just like your car, your teeth will…


Do I Really Need To Fix My Overbite?

You may think that an overbite is simply a cosmetic issue. However, it is much more than a cosmetic issue. An overbite will occur when your upper and lower jaws do not align properly. Majority of the time, an overbite…


Crooked Teeth Cause More Problems Than You May Think

If you are one of those people that think crooked teeth are not that serious, then you would be mistaken. You may also be one of those people who think that your money can go to more important things than…


Stay In The Know: Orthodontic Relapse

What Is Orthodontic Relapse? Orthodontic relapse is when a patient who has received orthodontic care experiences shifting of the teeth after treatment. What Causes Orthodontic Relapse There are several potential causes of orthodontic relapse. A thorough bite analysis and orthodontic exam…


What You Can Do About A Gummy Smile?

CAN A GUMMY SMILE CAUSE MEDICAL CONCERNS? Gummy smiles can present more than just cosmetic concerns. When the gum line is low or covers a large surface area of the teeth, it can be difficult for patients to receive the…


What Causes an Overbite and How Can it be Treated?

What is an overbite? An overbite occurs when the top arch of teeth protrude over the bottom arch of teeth. Overbites can cause excessive tension on the jaw and can disrupt oral development. What Causes an Over Bite? Overbites can…


Orthodontic Solutions for an Open Bite

If you've noticed that there is a gap between your child's teeth even when their mouth is closed, they may have a condition known as an open bite. This occurs when some or all of the upper and lower teeth don't…


Patients Review Izadi Orthodontics

At Izadi Orthodontics, Dr. Izadi and our dental care team love helping each of our patients achieve a straighter, healthier smile through personalized, advanced orthodontic treatments. We offer a complete range of orthodontic solutions, including Invisalign, tooth extractions, laser dentistry, lingual braces, and…